The Ultimate Watch Stand!! #fantasTICstories

Howdy Ticwatch fans,

We want to hear what makes you Tic! Post on Facebook and Twitter some of the unique things that you have been doing with your Ticwatch. Whether you found a fun way to use Ticwatch, some feature that has helped you with your daily life or even 3D printing your own Ticwatch nightstand :P (more information below), we want to hear them all! use the handle #fantasTICstories on Facebook and Twitter and share your stories with us!

Our first story comes from our dedicated fan @William Dexter Roach, his 3D printed Ticwatch nightstand inspired us to hear from you all. Apparently, our own nightstands weren’t in the style he wanted, so he showed us his skills in 3D designing to create this awesome nightstand. Your individual stories mean the world to us, start using #fantasTICstories to show us how you’ve been using Ticwatch.